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Yoga Bloster

Wholesale custom PU batting 65*24*13cm rectangular yoga bolster with organic cover Specifications 1.Wholesale yoga bolster 2. PU batting 3. Rectangular or Cylindrical 4. Different colors available 5. OEM Product Detail: Character •Lightweight and washable •Good elastic resilience •Helps learner......

Wholesale custom PU batting 65*24*13cm rectangular yoga bolster with organic cover


1.Wholesale yoga bolster 

2. PU batting 

3. Rectangular or Cylindrical 

4. Different colors available 

5. OEM

Product Type:

Yoga Bolster


100% cotton cloth and PU


24'' long x 6'' high x 12'' wide

Logo Technics:

Sew Logo label , Screen Printing digital printing

Logo File:

Tiff, PSD or AI (No less than 150DPI)



Bulk time :


Sampling Time:

around 1 week 

Product Detail:


•Lightweight and washable

•Good elastic resilience

•Helps learner easily achieve desired position

•Durable &long-lasting material

•Individual&illuminating colors that define your inner self

•Non-slip gripping surface

•Can roll up collection and easy to carry

•Comfortbale and portable

Bolster care

Whether your mat is brand new, slightly used, or looking a little tattered, proper care can prolong its life and ensure that it performs at its best. Cleaning a brand new bolster before its first use can also help make the mat stickier, which is good news for beginners.

1. How to Keep  your yoga bolsterclean?

Just as important as the inner cleanliness that we work towards in our yoga practice, is outer cleanliness, or cleanliness of our environment and surroundings. It really just takes a minute to clean your bolster, and that minute right after class can save you the hours you may spend cleaning months of built-up grime and the cost of frequent mat replacements. Do it while you’re chatting with your fellow yogis.

It is not a good idea to put a yoga bolster in the washing machine or the bathtub. The agitation of a washing machine may create tears in the mat and even if it doesn’t, a mat takes 3-5 days to fully dry after it has been immersed in water.

Using plain water will not effectively break down the sweat and toxins released by your body during your practice. Do not use diluted bleach or soap solutions because they may discolour your mat, irritate your skin, or leave a soapy film that will actually make your mat more slippery.

To clean your mat effectively and efficiently, use a mat wash and sponge. Lightly spray your mat with the mat wash (without saturating it) and wipe it down gently with a sponge. Wait a few seconds before rolling up your mat and you’re done!

If you don’t want to buy a prepared mat wash you can make your own by filling a spray bottle with filtered water and adding a few drops of anti-bacterial or anti-fungal essential oils such as tea tree, lavender or rosemary (or ask someone at your local aromatherapy store).

2. What is the smells?

•Odour is one of the first things students complain of when using studio-supplied mats, and it usually stems from improper cleaning or storage. If your mat smells like someone else’s sweat, it probably is someone else’s sweat, plus some bacteria that have multiplied since the mat was last put away.

•Clean! Clean! Clean! This is the best way to remove odour from a mat or keep it smelling fresh (see above). If your mat still smells strange after that, spray it more heavily with mat wash before wiping it down or let it air dry so that the spray can really get into the mat and work its magic before it evaporates.

•Avoid using air freshener sprays or perfumes on your mat as they will only mask the mat’s odour and not destroy the source of it. Bringing a perfumed mat to class can also garner you some nasty glares because scents are intensified in enclosed, heated spaces, and many people are allergic to perfume.

•Let your mat dry before you roll it up and put it in your bag otherwise it will become an ideal breeding ground for bacteria, and your mat may smell more like hockey gear the next time you unroll it.

Different colors are available


•Can do all kinds of ground practice, sit-ups, pushups, aerobics, yoga

•Can also be used for outdoor picnic.

Two sides is available, good elasticity.

•Avoid motion of body parts cause pain and leave black mark.

•Super flexible minimal movement and reduce accident harm


1. Sample time: 5-7days

2. Bulk order time: 20-25days

3. Shipping time: By air: 5-7days; By sea: 25-30days

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